15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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Reptar Pop! Image: Amazon

Rugrats – Reptar

Can you tell that we love dinosaurs yet — or at least have a very strong affection for them? If not, then we really need to step-up our dinosaurs in pop culture appreciation. Seriously though, every ’90s baby was obsessed with Rugrats at one point or another. If you have a subscription to Reptar candy bars, then a Reptar Pop! is the obvious choice to start your collection.

Nostalgia is a commodity now, and we’re not really complaining, especially if it brings back our favorite fictional lizard in Funko form. There’s a reason why all the Rugrats kids loved Reptar. If you’re a Godzilla fan, we know this Godzilla spoof we’ll be a perfect match for your particular fandom.

While the Reptar starter eliminates some of your newbie decisions, you still have the chance to get a purple variant as a chase; the odds are about 1-in-6. If only the collectible company had a Reptar on-ice version of the reptile.

We’ll have to settle for the glow-in-the-dark edition, we suppose. Whichever Reptar you end up with, know that you made a good choice in embracing your childhood faves once again … even if they are extremely neon.

Price: $10.88