15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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Sailor Moon – Sailor Moon

If you skip over the Sailor Moon slide, we’re sorry, but we can’t trust you. As kids, we all idolized different Sailor Scouts, but we all loved Meatball Head — or odango atama if you prefer the original Japanese audio. If you’d like to get your favorite Scout, all of the main scouts have been made into Pop!s, and there’s a Tuxedo Mask Pop! out there too for when you need some roses and top hats.

The Sailor Moon Funko might have a stand to keep Serena from tripping (those ponytails are heavy), but the Pop! looks exactly like her clumsy, giddy animated counterpart, down to doing her famous pose. With her cat, Luna, by her side, Serena’s Pop! will fit in with the rest of your Sailor Moon memorabilia.

Sure, Serena might seem like a typically girly teenager who needs her team of Sailor Scouts to fight off Queen Beryl, the Black Moon Clan, and all of her other foes, but she’s a hyper-powerful reincarnation of a princess. After all, she’s taken down more villains than James Bond, and that’s a worthy accomplishment in itself.

Even without the rest of the Sailor Scouts, we’re certain her Funko version can fight off every villain lurking in the Negaverse.

Price: $16.94 on Amazon / $10.99 (pre-order) on Pop in a Box