15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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Moana Funko Pop! Image: Amazon

Disney – Moana

Choosing your favorite Disney princess is worse than picking your favorite comic book film. You admire them in their own unique ways because they’re all unabashedly different. You could convince yourself that buying the entire Disney princess Funko lineup counts as your first Pop!, but the key part of starting a Funko collection (and a collection of anything, really) is pacing yourself.

While all of the Disney princesses are and should be universally loved, a Moana Funko is the perfect starting place for every Disney film aficionado. After all, Moana’s determination and selflessness is wonderfully contagious.

She does convince a stubborn demigod to journey with her across the ocean, she saves her family and people, and she helps a goddess. Is that enough reason for Moana to commence your bobblehead-collecting shenanigans, or should we start drafting a supplementary 20-point slideshow? You don’t want to know how far we’ll go, pun absolutely intended, for Moana.

As you wait for Disney to hopefully announce Moana 2 (and hopefully for Funko to drop more related Pop!s), your Moana figurine can join you every time your watch Moana. Because nobody likes to watch movies alone.

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