Captain Marvel: Your guide to everything Skrulls

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Since experimentation is essential to their survival and their creation—because Skrulls were created after the Celestials did some genetic modifications to a species of reptiles—the first Super-Skrull, Kl’rt, was created from an experimental process, which was obviously replicated because he isn’t the only Super-Skrull.

Some dialogue in the most recent Captain Marvel trailer could subtly foreshadow Super-Skrulls in the MCU. After Nick Fury asks Carol prove she isn’t a Skrull, she shoots a photon blast from her hand and clarifies that “a Skrull cannot do that.”

Carol is right. A regular Skrull — soldier, scientist, or other — can’t shoot a photon beam. While they replicate the shape, form, and memories of whoever or whatever they’re mimicking, Skrulls can’t imitate superpowers. Normally, this would eliminate all the super-powered heroes from our lineup of potential shapeshifters.

However, the most notorious Super-Skrull, Kl’rt, was also the first Super-Skrull to appear on the comic scene. Basically, the aliens found a way to replicate abilities and give them to a Skrull warrior. In Fantastic Four #18 (his first appearance), Emperor Dorrek gives Kl’rt the powers of the Fantastic Four. Yes, he copied all four of the superheroes’ powers.

Despite his amplified and combined abilities, Kl’rt loses his fight against the First Family, thanks to some depowering technology. Not even a supercharged Super-Skrull can win every battle, but Kl’rt is a critical character even beyond being the first Super-Skrull.

After Zybak attacks the Skrulls’ planet with genetic warfare that obliterates their shapeshifting abilities, Kl’rt helps restore his people’s natural shapeshifting genes.

However, Kl’rt isn’t the only Super-Skrull. While typical Skrulls can shapeshift to look like anyone, Super-Skrulls can’t wield any an endless supply of superpowers. The Skrull rulers need to first copy the abilities and give those abilities to a Skrull soldier during a medical procedure, so their abilities are predetermined. Because of that, there have been multiple Super-Skrulls in comic history who have individually copied Loki’s powers, Thor’s power, and various Inhuman abilities.

Then, there’s the Sinister Six Super-Skrull that has the powers of the titular team of villains. There’s also the hyper-specific Godkiller Skrull, who is able to wield Stormbreaker and who has the combined powers of Thundra, Titania, and Volcana. There’s a lot more, because Skrulls have a plethora of ever-expanding technology to arm themselves with new and improved superpowers.

Like there are multiple Super-Skrulls, there are a couple ways a Skrull can transform into a Super-Skrull:

  1. They wear a suit that gathers information from nearby superpowered beings, and the suit replicates those abilities.
  2. The Skrull Emporer uses an interstellar beam to give a Skrull superpowers. This method can work to replenish abilities and give Skrulls quick access to new abilities entirely. Given the range of the beam, it can help Super-Skrulls who need to shapeshift into another person during a mission away from home. The beam also enhances any mimicked powers.