Captain Marvel: Your guide to everything Skrulls

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Secret Invasion. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

How the Kree-Skrull War may tease Secret Invasion

From their perpetually destroyed home planet, Tarnax IV, to the Skrull Civil War where the Deviant Skrulls kills all the Prime Skrulls and every Eternal Skrull (save for Kly’bn), Skrulls are defined by their conflict.

While Captain Marvel will obviously focus on the Kree-Skrull War (likely the first war between the two enemies), Carol’s origin story could also incorporate the Secret Invasion narrative in the MCU.

During an on-set press visit, Screen Rant reported that Captain Marvel executive producer Jonathan Schwartz made some interesting comments about a Skrull-heavy future in the cinematic universe:

"Yes, we talked about Secret Invasion. I wouldn’t go into this movie saying, ‘Which one of these superheroes is a Skrull?’ Because Carol is more or less the first superhero to show up on Earth. But are we planting seeds for future movies? Always."

We might be overwhelmed with predicting which of our favorite characters are going to die in Avengers: Endgame; however, that won’t stop us from multitasking to figure out how a potential Secret Invasion arc could fit into the MCU.

Since Secret Invasion ignites after several Skrulls and Super-Skrulls cloaked themselves as Earth’s heroes to try to reign over the planet, Captain Marvel would make it easy for Skrulls to learn about superheroes from Carol alone. Her movie is already a Skrull-dominant storyline, and the film could easily use the Skrull soldiers’ knowledge of Carol’s powers to start their scientific experiments that lead to the creation of Super-Skrulls.

From there, it would be easy for the Skrulls to infiltrate the Avengers at a later date. Given it’s implied that Carol has been away from earthly conflict for about two decades, this would also give the Super-Skrull(s) a chance to work as a double-agent within the heroic team, undetected from Carol’s Skrull-sleuthing abilities.

However, Secret Invasion is an extended arc, and Marvel Studios could introduce the first Super-Skrull in the franchise before the official invasion begins. In this case, Kl’rt could have the opportunity to fight a team of heroes (even the Fantastic Four, if the MCU integrates them into the roster).

If the MCU uses his cameo to tie in more comic accurate cameos, it would also give Kl’rt a redemption arc because his actions help Earth’s heroes fight his own people during Secret Invasion. Kl’rt betrays and kills his own people, which gets him briefly exiled in return. We might be biased, but the MCU is definitely missing a Skrull reformed villain.