Captain Marvel: Your guide to everything Skrulls

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Eternal Skrull (Kly’bn) in Incredible Hercules Vol. 1 #117. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

The difference between Deviant and Eternal Skrulls

Because of Celestials’ creationist experiments, when they made the Skrulls, their experiments created normal (or Prime) humanoids, Deviant humanoids, and Eternal humanoids. Many of the modern-day Skrulls that we know and love to hate are the descendants of the Deviant Skrulls.

Their ancestors were given such a fitting name because, well, they’re beyond devious. They conquered and enslaved over a thousand civilizations in the Andromeda Galaxy alone.

However, the Celestials’ experiment on a reptilian species also gave the Marvel Comics multiverse the Eternals, which also gave rise to the Eternal Skrulls. Unlike Eternals like Thanos, Eternal Skrulls are a specific race of Skrulls who just happen to have the archetypal extra powers, longer lifespan, and heightened strength that an Eternal of any other race does.

Eternal Skrulls came into being after the Celestials made a trip to the Skrulls’ original planet, Skrullos, and altered their DNA. Along with their evolved powers, they also have functional wings.

Like many humans who can carry the mutant or Inhuman genes, all Skrulls can have a mutant gene that gives them natural powers, but they’re outliers — just like the few Skrulls who hatch without their canon shapeshifting abilities. (Talos in the comics is a good example.)