15 best rom-coms on Netflix right now

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Maybe it’s just me, but I consider Jennifer Lopez to be one of the queens of rom-coms. Monster-In-Law certainly helps prove my point as she goes up against none other than Jane Fonda. While the name itself might not call to mind images of romance, that is exactly what is at the heart of this film.

When Kevin and Charlotte meet, it feels like fate is at work. These two have an instant connection, the kind we see in fairy tales. When Kevin brings Charlotte home to not only meet his mother, but also pop the question, we have high hopes for this couple’s future. The problem is that Kevin’s mom, Viola, is not nearly as impressed with her future daughter-in-law as one would hope.

The drama and hijinks that ensue are enough to get anyone laughing, and at the same time there are some moments where you realize that this couple genuinely loves each other. Basically, this is one of those perfect rom-coms that offers up a little bit of something for everyone.

From Lopez and Fonda working together and playing off of each other, to the storyline itself, this is definitely a must watch rom-com for any date night. It will have you laughing, make you go aww, and basically remind you that (hopefully) your mother is not nearly as wild as Viola. And honestly, who is going to say no to our favorite actress/singer/dancer finding love anyway? Okay, maybe Jane Fonda, but we are ignoring that for now.