15 best rom-coms on Netflix right now

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Set It Up

When it comes to romantic comedies, there is something to be said for movies that seem like they could be true stories. Set It Up seems like something that could actually happen (no matter how far-fetched it really is).

The story centers around two overworked assistants working for high-profile, hard-working business people whose entire lives revolve around their work and office life. These assistants have no lives of their own because in order to keep their jobs, they have to cater to the every need of their boss.

However, if they are able to get their bosses to date each other, they have some sense of hope that they might be able to have a life outside of the office (even for a short period of time). And what comes next is a fun and crazy ride that includes awkward set ups, late night pizza, and an unexpected romance.

I wasn’t sure if Set It Up was going to live up to my expectations (and I had high ones considering Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs play the over-demanding bosses), but I found myself really getting into this story. I was rooting for love the entire time. And I was pretty happy with the way things turned out. In fact, I was actually a bit sad when the movie ended, as I wanted to see the story go a little longer. Either way, this is definitely one of those sleeper rom-coms that you don’t want to miss out on, and luckily with it streaming on Netflix, you won’t have to.