15 best rom-coms on Netflix right now

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Ibiza Love Drunk

When it comes to rom-coms, there is something to be said for love at first sight. In Ibiza Love Drunk, the leading lady, Harper, sees a DJ that she is instantly infatuated with. Basically, she takes the idea of love at first sight and runs with it — across the world.

Ibiza Love Drunk takes us from New York City to Ibiza and gives us friends willing to travel with their girl, a romance that is unexpected, and moments that are truly funny. At the same time, this film feels like a female version of The Hangover or any other movie that gives us the idea of a lost weekend.

What starts off as a business trip turns into a wild international romp that we honestly couldn’t resist. Watching this movie might very well make you want to pack a bag and travel for yourself (even if it is not for love).

Of all the rom-coms on the list, this one inspires us to get out in the world and do something fun and wild, like travel on a whim. As an added bonus, the fact that one of the stars of the film is Richard Madden definitely helps make us want to watch this movie a few more times.

Plus, I have to admit that much like other rom-coms on this list, Ibiza Love Drunk is the kind of puff film that will satisfy the need for entertainment during your next date night. It won’t have you thinking deep thoughts, but it will entertain and make you want to book your next adventure with friends.