15 best rom-coms on Netflix right now

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Blind Date

Released in 1987, Blind Date is a romantic comedy movie starring Kim Basinger and Bruce Willis, which means that it might even appeal to the less rom-com-inclined people in our lives too. Plus, while it might be a rom-com, there is a sense of action and adventure that comes from having Willis in a movie. Of course, the fact that the storyline features a crazy night out means this really is a unique film experience.

Willis plays a bachelor, Walter, who is set up with the cousin of his sister-in-law, played by Basinger. However, Basinger’s character, Nadia, apparently has a drinking problem, and although Walter is warned about that, he ignores it. This leads to a night on the town that is crazy, chaotic, and definitely on the wild side. When a former lover of Nadia’s shows up and begins to follow both of them around town, everything just deteriorates.

Blind Date ends up being a romp of a rom-com with two stars that steal the show every time they are on screen. And while there are some people who might not love this movie, as far as an ’80s action meets romantic comedy film goes, this one is a lot of fun. Plus, it is always entertaining to see Willis in his element, and Basinger is sheer perfection.

While I have only seen this movie a few times, it is always fun to watch something so different from the usual rom-coms. With Willis at the helm of this story, you can’t go wrong sitting down and watching this for a perfect date night.