15 best rom-coms on Netflix right now

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If you’re looking for the perfect date night movie, or just need a bit of romance and humor to get you through the night, these Netflix rom-coms have you covered.

When it comes to finding the perfect rom-coms, it can be hard to decide on what to watch. Luckily for us, Netflix has plenty of amazing options for the romance lover in us all. From the hidden gems to the classics, there are plenty of choices when you are looking for a romantic movie that also brings the laughs.

Whether you want to watch a movie that originally premiered in theaters or one that is a Netflix exclusive, there are a number of options that hit the mark of perfect date night movies. Even if you haven’t heard of all of these films, we think you’ll find something that will entertain and amuse you, even as it gives you all the feels that a romance has to offer.

After watching all of these films (some more than once), I admit that I have my favorites, but every one of these rom-coms is a must watch (at least once). Although these movies can sometimes feel rather formulaic, I found that most of these films delivered something fresh and unique, even if it was just thanks to the chemistry of the stars.

Whether you want to grab a bowl of popcorn or snag some chocolates, we think these rom-coms will have you relaxing with your boo and ready for a bit more romance on a personal level. You may even find your next favorite movie as you explore the offerings that Netflix is streaming.