15 best rom-coms on Netflix right now

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Sixteen Candles

Released in 1984, Sixteen Candles is a classic rom-com that has to top any list of best romantic comedies. The fact that it is currently streaming on Netflix is definitely something we can get behind. While there has been some drama surrounding this film over the years, we can’t help but appreciate the actors and what they gave us with these performances.

Even though this movie came out in the mid ’80s, it still gives us the romantic vibes we want and the humor that keeps us coming back (both important things for rom-coms). When it comes to the teen film genre, we have to give Sixteen Candles a lot of credit for helping to shape the movies we love today. Plus, it gave us some iconic performances from actors like Anthony Michael Hall, John Cusack, and of course Molly Ringwald.

In the film, Ringwald’s Samantha is having a rough birthday, as her family seems to have forgotten that she is celebrating her 16th birthday. However, all she really wants is the attention of Michael Schoeffling’s Jake, an older boy who barely even knows she exists. And of course there is the nerdy boy, Hall’s Ted, who apparently has a crush on Samantha, even as she constantly rebuffs his attention.

For some people, this is a classic rom-com, and that means it has to make the cut of must-stream options on Netflix. And while it can also be considered problematic, if you look at it for what it was at the time, it remains one of those films that has to be seen at least once.