4 movies Taika Waititi could direct if he joins Marvel again


Taika Waititi revealed he won’t be directing a certain film in MCU-limbo, but he still likes Marvel enough to do another film with them. What could he direct?

If you haven’t been protesting at Marvel’s doors to get the fantastic Taika Waititi to direct another MCU film, don’t worry. One, because that’s extreme. And two, because you likely won’t have to anymore.

In a recent interview with Deadline, the Thor: Ragnarok director revealed that he’s actually pretty down to work with Marvel again on another movie. In the interview, he was clarifying that he will not, in fact, be directing Guardians of the Galaxy 3 (seeing as James Gunn had been dropped from the film for several months now, and the film is still left in limbo).

But to that point, despite not directing the next Guardians installment, he replied “I want to do another movie with them,” referring to Marvel. Waititi even revealed that he’s still “hanging out” with Marvel people and “talking about new stuff.”

While it may have seemed like Ragnarok would be Waititi’s first and only project in the MCU, he got the chance to collaborate with the Russo brothers for Avengers: Infinity War. The Russos reached out to directors like him and Black Panther‘s Ryan Coogler for input on their respective heroes, but hopefully that’s not the last we’ll see of him in the MCU.

So, what paths are open for Waititi in the MCU? The options really are endless, but these are just a few projects that the director might want to get his hands on.

Another Thor movie or Thor spin off

Technically, no leading MCU hero has gotten more than three solo films. But do you think that’s going to stop me from wanting one more Thor movie? Absolutely not. It feels like Thor was finally becoming a character worthy of having a movie franchise with Ragnarok. But that was, unfortunately, his third solo film. Hopefully, Thor survives Endgame — meaning the door is wide open for more Thor movies.

If not, we’d definitely love to see a spin off with Valkyrie, who definitely deserves more screen time. Waititi could even direct a Disney+ show with Valkyrie. Just give us more Valkyrie.

Young Avengers

Okay, most of the other movies in development are pretty much taken (it’s too late for Doctor Strange 2, Eternals and even Black Widow). But Young Avengers movie is still in very early developments. While nothing has been solidly confirmed by Marvel just yet, We Got This Covered recently reported that a script was in development for the film. Still, no director has been confirmed. So that means if Kevin Feige wanted to put Waititi at the helm, we’d have no problem.

We can definitely see Waititi’s quirkiness working well in this film with young heroes like Hulking and Patriot. And if he wants to jump on another franchise that may give him more longevity in the MCU, this is it.

An MCU X-Men movie

This might be lofty thinking, but eventually, the MCU is going to have to do something with all those X-Men it’ll have acquired from Fox. Not to discount the films that Fox put out, but I’d much rather have a more wholesome director take control of the new movies.

Still, while we’d love to see James McAvoy stay as Professor X, the entire X-Men franchise could start from scratch with Disney. And if it isn’t the X-Men he’s into, he can direct another movie from Fox’s catalog….

An MCU Fantastic Four movie

Please, MCU, we’re begging you. Give us a good Fantastic Four movie to make Stan Lee proud. The first two movies were alright, but let’s just say the 2015 movie really deserved that Razzie award. I’d love to see the decision making Waititi would put into getting the characters right while actually developing an interesting plot. Plus, with the way Waititi handled his villain, Hela, I know he’d finally do justice to Doctor Doom.

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There’s a long catalog of Marvel characters and comics for Waititi to explore if he’s serious about directing another film. But the bottom line is, Waititi definitely has to direct another Marvel movie ASAP.