3 questions we have about Iron Man after Avengers: Endgame’s Super Bowl trailer


The new Avengers: Endgame trailer leaves fans with even more questions about what will happen to the hero who kicked off the entire MCU franchise.

Now that it’s February, we only have a little more than two months to go before Avengers: Endgame is in theaters. There are still way more questions than answers about this film, but the Super Bowl did give us another 30 seconds or so of new content.

With the new trailer, we see that things are likely grimmer than they ever have been. The first Endgame trailer was pretty depressing, but the tone of this TV spot might have been even more somber.

Fans are understandably pretty stressed out about the fate of many of their favorite characters. This trailer featured a short couple seconds showing the heroes that got snapped by Thanos, and fans wonder who will come back and who will survive Endgame.

While the new scenes didn’t reveal too much information, fans still have lots of reasons to theorize and speculate, and we love seeing all the fan reactions and theories.

One character that many are worried about dying in Endgame is Tony Stark. This new trailer didn’t give us too much with Tony, but the content we did get still leaves fans with a lot of questions.

Here are a few of the questions we have about Iron Man after watching the new trailer.

Will Tony and Nebula build something together to get out of space?

Many fans are noticing the parallels between the welding scene in the trailer and scenes from the first Iron Man film. Tony Stark was able to use his skills and genius to construct the first Iron Man suit after capture and escape, and doing so lead him to become Iron Man and change his entire life. It would be fitting if Tony does something similar to escape from space, and it would be a satisfying bookend to his story. Fans are speculating that with Nebula’s knowledge and experience, the two of them could be welding and building some sort of tech that will save them both.

Are the other Avengers looking up at Tony and Nebula in that scene on the lawn?

There is a short scene where many of the Avengers, with Captain America in the foreground, are looking up at something in the sky. Fans think this someone or something is likely Captain Marvel or Iron Man. Some fans have speculated that it looks like there is a large space between Rhodey and Captain America in this scene, meaning Tony might have been in this scene but was edited out for the trailer. Others have speculated that it’s Captain Marvel who’s edited out of the shot. Captain Marvel also has to make her arrival into this movie at some point, so either guess is a good one.

Will Tony reunite with the other Avengers at all?

Fans are really hoping that all of the original Avengers get to fight together and work together as a team once again to defeat Thanos. This trailer has many people worried about if or when this will happen. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers haven’t seen each other since their falling out in Captain America: Civil War, so it seems necessary for this iconic comic book duo to at least be friends again before the end of this film. As this might very well be the last Marvel film for both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., fans definitely want to see them mend their relationship before it’s too late.

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Do you think Iron Man will survive Endgame? What are your thoughts and theories? Let us know in the comments!