Captain Marvel may have been robbed of a second Super Bowl appearance


Sure, Captain Marvel had a Super Bowl spot all to herself, but fans are suggesting that she may have been pulled out of the spot for Avengers: Endgame.

Conspiracy seems to be the watchword for Marvel fans as they look at all of the material for Avengers: Endgame. First, it was the reports that marketing materials are showing very little of the movie. Now, per, it’s that last night’s Super Bowl trailer casually removed someone from all of the footage, and the site’s first theory is that it’s Captain Marvel.

Why are we ignoring the other theory that it’s Tony Stark? Well, frankly, we don’t want to get too attached to him, and the first trailer was mostly about him anyway. The MCU is moving on, and so is this writer. Back to talking about Carol Danvers.

Let’s rewatch that spot again, shall we?

Here’s why this has everyone freaking out. Marvel movies love to have visual balance with characters. Don’t believe us? Here are a few examples:

Of course, we all know now that the Hulk doesn’t appear in that scene in the actual film, but note that there would still be visual balance without him present.

Both of those films were directed by the Russo brothers, who also have the responsibility of directing Endgame. That makes it really noticeable when there is no visual balance, enough to make fans sit up and take notice. Perhaps that’s the true plan, as notes that this could all be a ploy.

Think of it as a reverse head-fake. We know that Marvel is capable of adding people in. What if the point of this lack of balance is to show how shaken the Avengers really are, instead of the result of someone being taken out? After all, this is a movie that, in all its marketing materials, has been nothing short of somber. Someone needs to give Steve Rogers a hug, stat.

However, since we also know that Captain Marvel is basically the Avengers’ last hope against Thanos, removing her would keep that tone alive and well. Much like, we can’t come to one solid conclusion. What we do know is that if it’s true that Carol is in those scenes, then we have been robbed of her presence, and that will not stand. No, not even temporarily.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26.

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