Riverdale spinoff: 5 crossovers we want to see in the new Katy Keene series

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Riverdale has given us some amazing characters and stories, and now the comics behind the show are giving us something else — a Katy Keene spinoff.

You don’t know Katy Keene yet, but you will. Originally introduced in 1945, Katy Keene is a singer, actress, and model who appeared in a number of Archie comics alongside some of our favorite Riverdale characters before she was given her own comic series. And while her comics may not be the most famous out of the world of Archie, that’s not to say she isn’t a fascinating character in her own right.

With Riverdale proving to be a real hit for The CW, and even Netflix (thanks to the streaming deal the two companies have), it comes as no surprise that execs are diving into the Archie archives for more material. After all, we have the Archie comics to thank for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

And sure we can’t wait to see Katy Keene in action, living her best life in New York City. But, what we really want to see are the potential Riverdale crossovers. Sure, these two shows might be set in different locations. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t see Veronica meeting up with her friend Katy at some point, or Archie meeting the model while dealing with more fallout from his dealings with Hiram Lodge.

When you think about the fact that before she got her own comics, Katy Keene was part of the Archie stories, it will make sense to see her appear on Riverdale or characters from Riverdale heading over to New York to see her. However the series decides to introduce Katy Keene, these are some of our thoughts on potential crossovers.