Young Justice: Outsiders: Tara Markov could introduce The Judas Contract

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Young Justice: Outsiders could use Tara to integrate a classic tale: The Judas Contrac. Don’t worry, we have a Terrafic synopsis for you.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who have not watched Young Justice: Outsiders‘ midseason finale. 

We’re four days into the Young Justice: Outsiders midseason break, and we aren’t adjusting well to the lack of Outsiders content. Yes, we survived five years without the Young Justice animated series after it was canceled by Cartoon Network, but we’re beginning to remember that same pain again.

We haven’t even endured our first Friday without any Outsiders episodes, and we’re already finetuning our fan theories, and we aren’t alone. Everyone has a theory from how the series could be moving toward the iconic battle between Trigon and Darkseid or the theory that Dr. Jace will follow her archetypal role as an evil scientist.

Theories aside, we already know that the series will introduce at least one classic DC Comics tale, specifically the tale of Tara (or Terra) and her betrayal. Terra and The Judas Contract are heavily intertwined, so let’s dissect how the series might incorporate The Judas Contract storyline and how that might affect a certain Markov.

The midseason finale left us with a familiar theme in Tara Markov’s storyline, namely her proclivity for two-timing. We’re specifically talking about how she immediately contacted Deathstroke after the team saved her from the meta-human fight club and concurrent auctions. Granted, we all know her rescue was a trap for her to get closer to the Outsiders.

Tara has set similar hoaxes to get cozy with other teams of heroes. In the animated Teen Titans animated series and the Tales of the Teen Titans comics, she concocted lies to earn the Titans’ trust and to become a full-time member of the team. Working as a double-agent with a less than heroic mission, she gained intel and led the Teen Titans to a trap orchestrated by Slade Wilson.

Although Young Justice season 3 doesn’t revolve around the Titans, Tara Markov’s transition to her villainous Terra alias will play a critical role in the series, regardless of whether or not her villainous arc is temporary, permanent, or ends in her ultimate demise.