Young Justice: Outsiders midseason finale: Teasers and traitors

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Still from Young Justice: Outsiders episode 13. Image via Warner Bros. TV

Episode 13 – “True Heroes”

Foretelling Cyborg’s multi-faceted internal battle, the last episode of Young Justice: Outsiders until June, also hints at a few antagonistic storylines. All of which are closer to the “true heroes,” even if they might be oblivious to them.

Like we’ve said before, the midseason finale ended on a rocky cliffhanger. Just not the epic Darkseid battle we’re still anxiously waiting for. With Violet’s Motherbox origin and Victor’s Fatherbox origin, the series is gradually building to a New Gods villain. Earlier episodes briefly acquainted us with the Apokolips ruler Darkseid, but we’re waiting to see him as an official Outsiders antagonist. Unfortunately, the series knows we’re anxiously waiting for his chaotic arc.

While Darkseid and his brood loom in the more-distant distance, episode 13 incorporates the surface of a reliable comic book story: The Judas Contract. Grazing over Tara Markov (Terra) and her original backstory as a disowned Princess, Terra’s classic run as a sometimes misguided double-agent reopens familiar deception for the heroes. Instead of the Teen Titans navigating the ordeal, it’s the Outsiders.

Granted, Terra’s upcoming betrayal only preludes Dr. Jace’s own deceit. Seriously, why does Jace need a strand of Violet’s hair or her DNA in general? Because we all know that’s why Dr. Jace was brushing her hair and subsequently protecting the same hairbrush after Victor’s Fatherbox-possessed attack. It’s okay, we’ll come to terms with this pressing question… eventually.

A Halloween special in January might make us nostalgic for the October festivities, giving us a chilling teaser into the central villains in the second half of the season. It also gives us ample fan theory fuel to keep us occupied through June. However, when we need a reprieve from rewatching Young Justice and annotating various Teen Titans and Outsiders issues, Reign of the Supermen will come to our rescue on DC Universe (and Blu-Ray).

What are your plans while you wait for Young Justice: Outsiders to return in June? Let us know in the comments section!

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