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The Frasers reach Shadow Lake and come across a (literal?) ghost from Claire’s past, which is about par for the course for season 4.

And I thought the time-traveling ghost from “The False Bride” was a one-off! Oh, how I was mistaken, Sassenachs. According to its promo and synopsis, the ghost will play a major part in Outlander‘s season 4 finale. Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian go off to find Roger but end up crossing paths (or planes or whatever the supernatural equivalent to a physical path is) with the specter.

Here’s the description for the finale, “Man of Worth,” courtesy of Starz:

"Jamie, Claire and Young Ian finally reach the Mohawk Village where Roger is being held captive, but their attempt to barter for Roger’s freedom goes awry when a ghost from Claire’s past upends their negotiations and reopens old wounds among members of the tribe. Meanwhile, back at River Run, Brianna grapples with her fears of parenting alone as the birth of her child approaches."

Apparently this particular time-traveler first came on the scene many years ago. “He talked of war,” a Mohawk woman explains in the teaser. “He said, ‘Kill the white man.'” So, obviously, this isn’t really an opportune moment for European settlers to show up demanding to buy back the person they sold under false pretenses. It seems as if Claire and Jamie’s quest to save Roger will result in a battle, one that will torpedo any goodwill the Frasers have established with Native Americans and most likely end in death.

Whatever happens at Shadow Lake, things at River Run aren’t much better. Brianna is about to give birth, which could strand her in the 18th century for the foreseeable future. (Traveling with an infant is hard enough without going into the future.) That means she’s either already married to John Grey or will be very soon.

Plus, Jocasta and Murtagh are arguing. She’s definitely going to tell the governor Murtagh’s one of the rebels, right? Something’s going down because Bree is hauling tail in the promo and Claire tells her, “I want to take you away from here.”

Fingers crossed that the finale won’t lean too heavily on the ghost. Between the Bree-Roger stuff and Jamie’s devolution, Outlander has been very wonky this season. If it wants to ground itself again, “Man of Worth” needs to focus on more than just the supernatural.

Check out the promo for “Man of Worth”:

Here’s how to watch the finale:

"Date: Sunday, Jan. 27Start Time: 8 p.m. ETEpisode: “Man of Worth”TV Channel: StarzLive Stream: You can watch on the Starz website or app."

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