35 of the most shipped television couples

Outlander Season 3 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/STARZ
Outlander Season 3 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/STARZ /
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Moonlighting stars
Actors Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, stars of the television show ‘Moonlighting’, at the Hollywood Radio and Television Society Awards in Los Angeles, March 17th 1987. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) /

David and Maddie – Moonlighting

What you need to know: The first thing you need to know is that the David in this duo is none other than a young, rugged, Bruce Willis. Back when he still had all his hair, he played the roguish private detective, David Addison.

David works for the modern, successful Maddie Hayes. She owns the private investigation firm that employs David, and their arguments and head-butting will go down in TV history as one of the most memorable of all the “will they/won’t they” couples.

Why we ‘ship them so hard: First, these two humans are painfully beautiful.. You can barely look directly at all this ’80s deliciousness, so when you add in all the antagonism and gleeful teasing, it makes their relationship irresistible.

Yet, audiences delighted in this very dynamic, and when the show actually gets them together, you could feel the fizzle between the two drain away. We wanted to ‘ship them forever without really seeing them get together. The magic is in the the distance they kept between each other, because it left room for all that wonderful texture.

How to watch the whole thing unfold: Unfortunately, this classic show isn’t readily available on any streaming service. You can purchase DVD sets on Amazon, or watch a scant handful of episodes on YouTube.