20 essential face masks for your next at-home spa day

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Anew Calming Clay Mask. Image via Amazon.com.

Anew Calming Clay Mask

Price: $16

Avon offers a few different options when it comes to their Anew clay masks. And while I have tried them all, I have to admit that my favorite is the Calming Clay Mask. Each of the masks they offer features specific ingredients that treat a variety of different concerns, and in my eyes, the calming is one of the best in the line.

Among the ingredients that make this clay mask so perfect are aloe and Safflower seed oil, which help to calm the skin and cool it. If you are finding that your skin is suffering from outbreaks or inflammation, this mask is the one for you. And the fact that you can use it on sensitive skin is a definite bonus.

This mask not only calms the skin, but it also leaves it moisturized, smooth, soft, and even less oily, as it pulls out dirt and other impurities from the skin. As a clay mask, this is one of those masks you need to rinse off.

To apply this mask, use enough to leave behind a thick layer of clay and then let it sit on the face for between five and 10 minutes. Usually, I go with 10, but it all depends on your skin and how sensitive it is to clay masks. Once it is ready to come off, simply use warm water to rinse and you are good to glow.

You can use this mask once or twice a week, which is nice if you are looking for a weekly pampering session.

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