20 essential face masks for your next at-home spa day

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KOCOSTAR Lip Mask Black Facial Treatments. Image via Target.com.

KOCOSTAR Lip Mask Black Facial Treatments

Price: $3.99

When it comes to facial treatments, we sometimes forget that we need to give some love to our lips. And luckily there are actually masks for our lips as well. The one I found at Target, the KOCOSTAR Black Lip Mask is so much fun to use and actually works. (I even snagged a peach one for my roommate to use because we all want nice lips.)

This black lip mask is a sheet mask designed just for the lips, and while it may be black, it smells like cherry and tastes like it, too. The purpose of these lip-loving masks is to deal with dry, chapped lips (this is especially beneficial in the winter months). After using this mask, your lips will feel smoother and more moisturized, which is a definite plus.

Before using this mask, they recommend cleaning your lips (saliva doesn’t count). Pat your lips dry and then apply the mask. You will want to leave this on for 10 minutes, although I typically add another minute or two. Once the time is up, take the mask off and pat any leftover treatment on the lips (don’t remove it as you will want it to sink in and continue moisturizing the lips).

I did not find this mask to be sticky or uncomfortable. It was actually kind of fun to wear this mask. And yes there may have been a selfie or two with it on.

Once you use this mask, we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a permanent part of your at-home spa day routines.

Buy here: KOCOSTAR Lip Mask Black Facial Treatments