10 best moments from Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego series

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Carmen Sandiego is born

Nothing makes us more excited than finding out how Carmen Sandiego gets her iconic look and unforgettable name. For most people, red means danger. For others, it symbolizes passion. Carmen falls into the latter group, since she finds her passion through a series of unexpected events.

When trying to escape VILE Academy a second time, she has to think quickly. Upon coming up with a plan, she catches sight of the red trench coat and hat belonging to Cookie Booker, VILE’s bookkeeper. It’s love at first sight for Carmen. Plus, red is a fabulous color — and she knows how to rock it.

As she escapes the island, Carmen realizes she needs to take a new name. Her childhood name, “Black Sheep,” won’t cut it for the real world. The tag inside the red hat catches her attention. It has the words “Carmen Brand Outerwear,” a clothing brand residing in San Diego, California. And thus, Carmen Sandiego is born.

What we love most about this rebranding is that she chooses it herself. It’s a moment of self-empowerment. She’s no longer this “black sheep” in a flock that never truly accepted her. She’s her own person now, and she gets to call the shots moving forward.