10 best moments from Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego series

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Saving a life

One of our top favorite moments is when Carmen finds herself in the middle of a VILE mission and acts on pure instinct. She quickly realizes what her friend, Gray, is going to do when he’s told to leave no witnesses. The archaeologist’s life is in danger, and she stops Gray from killing him.

It’s a heroic moment that clearly defines her character and separates her from the rest of her classmates, including Gray. She also lets the rush of emotions and adrenaline get the best of her, allowing VILE’s cleaners to take her back into custody. While VILE and her classmates see this as a weakness, it’s actually a good thing.

Unlike her classmates, who thrive on the art of stealing no matter the cost, Carmen hasn’t completely shut out her emotions. She cares about what happens to the people affected by their thievery and knows there are consequences to their actions. It’s that ability to care and analyze her own capabilities that make her stand out from the rest.

Add to that the vital lesson the archaeologist taught her about the difference between monetary value and cultural value, and you have the makings of a person willing to do right by the world. That’s the kind of hero we need.