10 best moments from Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego series

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True crimes

Living a sheltered life, Carmen never saw things from another perspective. She was taught to steal, but she never questioned why. She only basked in the fact that she was better than most and sought to prove it. It wasn’t until she got herself off the island and met an archaeologist that she started to see the error in VILE’s ways.

The archaeologist tells her, “Some things possess value other than monetary, young lady. Any historic find, such as this gem, belongs to everyone. Its theft would rob the world of knowledge, and that would be a true crime.” She even admits to the archaeologist how she never saw it that way.

This perspective opens up a whole new world to Carmen. It makes her different from the others she’s trained with because she was exposed to this life at such a young age. She never knew anything else or what the world had to offer. Everyone else in her class chose to pursue a life of thievery, but she now has a chance to choose something different for herself.

We love how the writers highlight this alternate path for Carmen at an archaeological dig site. These are locations where discovery and research take place for knowledge’s sake. It also happens to be a place of self-discovery for Carmen.