10 best moments from Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego series

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Carmen’s backstory

Every hero and villain has an origin story. It helps us better understand their motivations and the paths they find themselves walking on. Some origin stories are fleshed out at a later point in time, but we appreciate the fact that Carmen’s origin story starts off at the beginning of the series. It helps set the stage for new viewers and older fans who are familiar with a different iteration Carmen Sandiego.

Carmen’s story begins in a mysterious way. She was abandoned as a baby on the side of a road outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Whoever found her brought her to a remote island, home to VILE Academy. There, she was first known as Black Sheep. She was the only child on this island and grew up isolated from the rest of the world. It sounds like a lonely existence, but she made the best of it and became the youngest individual admitted to VILE Academy.

She learned everything an expert thief needed to know and became the best pickpocket in her class. She was essentially the best of the best, even for someone of such a young age. You’d think this kind of upbringing would change her personality for the worse, but she remained true to herself.

We love a good and captivating backstory, especially one that inspires us to be better and leaves us wanting for more.