Hollywood Studios’ 30th anniversary: 6 reasons to visit that aren’t Star Wars related

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Hollywood Studios’ 30th anniversary is officially May 1. While many people await Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, there are plenty of other reasons to visit this Disney theme park.

The 30th anniversary celebration for Hollywood Studios is one of the exciting parts at the Walt Disney World theme park in 2019. Even as Star Wars fans eagerly await the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, the “studio lot” inspired theme park has many reasons to entice guests to its corner of Walt Disney World. Before the Star Wars excitement makes the theme park crowds unbearable, there are many reasons to rediscover this Disney property.

Earlier this month, Walt Disney World released the special Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary logo. The logo features classic Mickey and Minnie peeking through the zero in the 30. While Mickey and Minnie’s Runway Railway isn’t open yet, old-school movie nostalgia certainly drives many of the reasons for a visit to this theme park.

Hollywood Studios was intended to be a theme park that gives guests a glimpse at the glitz and glamour of the show business. From old world Hollywood to entertaining live action shows, this theme park seems to focus more on the experience versus the thrill. While a couple of rides are exhilarating, the experiences drive a reason to visit.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios 30th anniversary logo, photo from Disney Parks Blog

Here are six reasons (not Star Wars related) to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Live Shows

Hollywood Studios has numerous live shows that are quite entertaining for all ages. From the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular to Beauty and the Beast—Live on Stage and the always popular Fantasmic!, this Disney theme park is about entertainment. Instead of focusing on ride after ride, guests get to see that Disney magic from a different perspective.

For many people, Disney captivates because the stories and characters hold a special place in their memories. These shows bring those characters off the two-dimensional screen and into the real world. Whether it is Mickey’s magical water animation or Belle’s stunning voice, the performances create a lasting memory.

Fantasmic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, photo provided by Disney Parks

Character interactions

While all the Disney theme parks have character meet and greets, Hollywood Studios offers some unique interactions with guests. For example, the green army men have their own “boot camp” style activities in Toy Story Land. These fun activities make waiting in line at Slinky Dog and Alien Saucers seem less daunting.

Again, this experience is an example of bringing favorite characters into the real world. For the youngest guests, they feel as if they have stepped into their favorite movie with their beloved characters. Who wouldn’t want to march side by side with the army men?

Sneak peeks of upcoming Disney films

Located in Walt Disney Presents, the area is more than just a historical look at Walt Disney, his accomplishments and the evolution of the various theme parks. Of course, the area does have some models of the expansion plans, but the theater often holds a great hidden treasure.

The theater in this area often plays 10-minute excerpts from upcoming Disney films. Over the past year, the theater has had sneak peeks of films like Coco and Incredibles 2. Of course, the theater is a great place to take a place and relax. More importantly, guests might get to see exclusive previews of some exciting new movies. Wouldn’t you want to be in the know before your friends?