5 ways to pass time while in the queue at Toy Story Land


The highly anticipated Toy Story Land opens at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios. Do you know how to pass the time waiting in the queue?

Toy Story Land will be the must-visit new theme park area at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios. Since everyone wants to play big, the queue waits for the new rides will probably be extremely long. While Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers look quite entertaining, a two hour plus wait could drain even the most ardent Mickey fan.

Waiting in a queue (or a ride line) is part of the theme park experience. While it may not be the most entertaining part of visiting a theme park, it cannot be avoided. Sure Fast Passes, if available, can eliminate the long waits. Unfortunately, those Fast Passes were scooped up a long time ago, which means lots of people will just have to wait on a normal line.

New rides bring longer than expected wait times. Even after a year, the Banshee ride at Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom still boasts two hour or more wait times. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which has been around for years, still has 90 minute or more wait times. Considering the hype about Slinky Dog Dash, this ride’s wait time will probably be extremely long.

Of course, there are a few tricks to try to find the shorter wait times. Making a mad dash to the ride as soon as the park opens can be helpful. Just remember not to trample other park guests in the fast run to the back of the park. Another hack is to wait until the end of the day or during fireworks to ride popular rides. But, looking at the videos of Toy Story Land at night, the rides look more entertaining in the dark. The family coaster and the lights appear even more fun than the daytime version. The nighttime hack may not work for this new park addition.

Given the potential long waits for the next several months (or longer), here are five ways to pass the time in a long ride queue.

Play Disney Parks Mobile App

The just-released mobile app provides a great diversion while waiting in a long queue. Instead of just snaking around the queue, the app turns the waiting into an interactive adventure. The app interacts with the “physical environment around” the people waiting in line. From “activating special show effects to uncovering magical surprises during their experience,” this app should be a great diversion.

Specifically for guests in Toy Story Land, the app features “Andy’s Board Game Blast.” An extension of the Slinky Dog Dash coaster, users will see who Andy uses his imagination to create items in his backyard. Also, “Playset Party” is a game that has users assemble a Toy Story Mania! Playset.

This play app will be a fun diversion for anyone waiting on a long line. Just remember to bring an extra power stick or charger. No one wants to be left with a dead phone.

Play eye spy hidden Mickeys

All around every Disney Park there are hidden Mickeys. Have you ever noticed that those manhole covers have little Mickey ears? Even where you least expect to find Mickey, those small nods to the character are hidden all over. Use the waiting time to look around and see how many can be spotted.

Talk to people in line

Most likely you are going to be stuck with the people around you for a while. Why not be friendly and start a conversation? Any parent with a child who is ready to melt down might want to have a real conservation. Plus, that little distraction could keep the kid from full tantrum mode.
Simple conversation starters could be – what are you celebrating, are you local, what’s your favorite Disney character. Even just a few moments avoiding sheer boredom can make the wait better. You never know, those people in line could have some great stories or some helpful tips, too.

Plan dinner

Waiting in line can make people hungry. While some people eat and drink in line, I wouldn’t recommend it. No one wants to get towards the front of the line only to have to leave for the bathroom. Even though these rides shouldn’t cause too many tummy troubles, it better not chance it.

Still, while you are waiting, planning dinner (or other meal stops) can be a great idea. Disney has numerous dining options has Woody’s Lunch Box, which offers twists on childhood classics. Toy Story Land The Disney Parks app allows both dining reservations and order ahead options. The order ahead option is a great advantage of using the Disney Parks app. Who wouldn’t want to have a delicious snack waiting once that long wait?

People watch

One of the best activities at a theme park is people watching. From seeing everyone’s Mickey Ears to finding all the families’ matching t-shirts, looking at all the guests can be hours of entertainment.

Personally, my family enjoys making up stories about all the people. From who’s celebrating a big birthday to a kid’s first visit, these stories can be a great use of your imagination. Just don’t talk too loudly. You don’t want to offend anyone with your overly creative stories.

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Are you visiting Toy Story Land soon or do you have a great tip for waiting in long theme park lines? Share your tips with us.