Could you actually board the Millennium Falcon at Galaxy’s Edge?


The Millennium Falcon ride is set to be a huge draw at Galaxy’s Edge. But will fans actually get to board the replica spacecraft itself?

As the black spires materialize over Galaxy’s Edge and the footprint for the Millennium Falcon ride takes shape, a question is still unanswered for Star Wars fans. Will visitors to Black Spires Outpost at Disney’s Hollywood Studios actually step foot aboard the Millennium Falcon itself? Or, will it just be a visually impressive prop?

Periodically, glimpses into the Galaxy’s Edge construction make Star Wars fans giddy in anticipation over the upcoming new theme park attraction. Even though those green walls can’t hide the gigantic black spires, the intricacies of this Star Wars land are still hidden. Although the Disney models hold a wealth of details, much of the Disney Pixie Dust is still being kept under wraps.

In a recent Reddit post, it appears that the footprint for the Millennium Falcon replica has taken shape. While the ride is going to be a simulator, the question is posed whether fans will get to board the replica. Could the replica itself become another attraction?

It seems unlikely. Given the location and the sizable potential wait times for the simulator ride, the experience would create a foot traffic nightmare. With only one in and out location, it would be extremely difficult to funnel guests through the attraction in an efficient way.

But, I don’t think that the inside of the replica would be unfinished. Disney’s attention to details is always impressive. This replica will most likely be finished, but it probably won’t be for everyone to see. My guess is that the inside of the replica will be offered for special tours, like a VIP tour.

Based on the models, it appears that “actors” will be loading and unloading cargo into the spaceship. Given that Black Spires Outpost is a trading village, this idea makes sense. Disney is looking to make Galaxy’s Edge as immersive as possible. Having a spaceship sit empty in a trading village makes no sense.

STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE — Millennium Falcon pictured under development for Stars: Galaxy’s Edge. (Disney)

Looking at the recent opening of Toy Story Land, Disney is expanding its use of cast members in themed areas. Just like Green Army Men entertaining guests in Toy Story Land, Star Wars themed characters most likely will be moving around the trading post. Why wouldn’t they load cargo onto a ship?

Still, the demand for actually boarding the Millennium Falcon is quite high. Fans are clamoring to explore all the details of their favorite movies in the real world. So, how could Disney incorporate this replica into an experience?

According to the recent Reddit post, one user says that the Millennium Falcon interiors will be built into the queue for the simulator ride. So fans will get the idea of being on the spaceship without ever entering into it. The Disney magic looks to create the best experience for all the guests, but still moving the most amount of guests through a queue.

Thinking about this idea, the concept seems to be more functional than the Banshee ride at Pandora. That never-ending line seems to snake around without a lot of engagement with the guest. But, there are similarities to a “group” entering into vignettes to keep guests moving forward. For example, the boarding process has similarities to the rooms in the banshee ride where you prepare to take flight.

While it doesn’t appear that guests will actually board the replica Millennium Falcon, the bigger concern with this attraction should be the simulator experience. Any theme park enthusiast knows that some “seats” are better than others. Cockpit seating and fellow riders could make a guest’s experience different every time. That scenario could be good or bad.

Usually, seats are randomly assigned. Still, there will be lots of feedback on this ride and people will want prime seats. Hopefully, no one will fight over the “best” experience.

Also, another question is still unanswered, how can all the riders in a single “falcon” feel like they are piloting the ship? In the Banshee ride, everyone has her own banshee, which makes the experience feel unique to the rider. If I want to close my eyes, look to the left or stare straight down, it is my personal flight. If everyone is sitting in a cockpit, who is in charge, how can I see through someone’s head and numerous other what-ifs?

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Will everyone get to actually board the Millennium Falcon at Galaxy’s Edge? Probably not. But if you do, make sure you take lots of pictures because you will be the envy of a lot of Star Wars fans.