Chris Evans slams Donald Trump with a witty Back to the Future reference


Chris Evans continues his pattern of calling out Trump in a hilarious tweet that references Biff Tannen from Back to the Future.

Chris Evans is here to save America yet again — by means of knocking down Donald Trump with his wit and charm on social media. When he isn’t gushing about Captain Marvel (or donating to young girls seeing the film) or chatting with castmates like Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo, Evans tends to flex his political muscles on Twitter.

Evans is well-known for being vocal about the current political climate and his distaste for Donald Trump; safe to say his opinion of the current administration is very, very low. He definitely isn’t afraid to let the world know that, and we applaud his outspokenness.

In his most recent tweet about Trump, Evans referenced good ol’ Biff from the Back to the Future Part franchiseFor those who don’t follow Evans’ political tweets too closely, he’s compared Trump to Biff in the past. It’s easy to see the resemblance as Biff Tannen is a man who gets his money by shady means, treats women horribly, and revels in his power and tacky excess. (The character was actually based on Trump in the first place.)

Before we even touch on Evans’ epic tweet, we’ll remind folks who’ve managed to steer clear of Trump news what the heck is going on in this photo. Due to the current government shutdown, Donald Trump offered to pay for “dinner” (if we can call it that) for the Clemson Tigers to celebrate their victory in the national college playoffs. The “dinner” was a mass amount of fast food, and safe to say, a picture of Trump standing in front of all of it was perfect for social media slams.

It spread like wildfire across social media, with writer Jess Dweck captioning the moment: “This is the news photo that would make a returning time traveler realize they f—d something up.”

Evans’ tweet was the perfect add-on, noting Back to the Future Part II‘s plot, in which a Young Biff gets a hold of a future Grays Sports Almanac. Biff would eventually use the almanac to accurately predict the results of major sports events, becoming disgustingly wealthy in the process.

His tweet alongside the picture of a smug Trump in the White House, surrounded by fast food, feels so true it almost hurts.

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Perhaps someone did mess with something while traveling through time. Maybe that’s why we really are living in the worst timeline right now. Unfortunately, the Avengers don’t exist in real life and can’t use the Time Stone to help us. Instead, we just hope Chris Evans continues to call out Trump in sometimes hilarious but always honest ways. We stand by your critiques, Cap!