Avengers’ Science Bros. poke fun at Chris Evans for tweeting like Captain America


Robert Downey Jr. offered to help Chris Evans with technology after Evans tweeted his frustration with modern tech. Could Evans be exactly like Captain America?

It’s always a lot of fun as a fan to see your favorite celebrities interact outside of the movies and characters they play. And luckily, Marvel fans often get to enjoy their favorite celebrities interacting on social media. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are both active on Twitter, and they often tweet back and forth at each other. Usually these interactions are hilarious and teasing and, of course, fans love it.

While we are still waiting to see how Captain America and Iron Man bury the hatchet in Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are really good friends in real life. Seriously, Downey even gave Chris Evans a custom car, which is so damn adorable.

On Monday, Chris Evans posted a tweet about technology and how tired he is of the technology these days not working like it’s supposed to. To be honest, we have to admit he’s got a point, even if he does sound like a grumpy old man complaining about “kids these days.”

Of course, fans noticed that this seems like just the type of thing that Captain America himself would say. After all, Captain America lived in the ’30s and ’40s, so it would probably take him a while to get used to the technology of today. Remember in the first Avengers when he could only surmise that the ship’s control panel ran on some form of electricity? Exactly.

Thankfully, Chris Evans and Captain America have friends who know a lot about technology. Robert Downey Jr. responded to the tweet saying that he and Mark Ruffalo could help “Cap” out by tutoring him in tech.

The tweet references Science Bros., which is a popular pairing made up of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, and fans loved this reference as well. And of course, Downey tagged Ruffalo in the tweet.

But, the fun doesn’t stop there. This morning, Evans responded to Downey’s tweet by asking for help and throwing in an Arc Reactor reference for good measure.

Mark Ruffalo also got in on the gag, even going so far as to use one of Captain America’s own jokes.

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We love seeing these guys mess with and tease each other a bit on social media, and it’s pretty clear they get along great. Hopefully, Iron Man and Captain America can take note and work together to defeat Thanos!