Robert Downey Jr.’s custom car to Chris Evans proves their friendship is forever


Chris Evans is set to appear on Leno’s Garage, and the custom Camaro he will be driving was gifted to him by Robert Downey Jr. The fandom is screaming.

Fans of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. (and fans of Cap and Iron Man) were met with an adorable bit of news this week. While the relationship between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark is currently strained in the MCU, and we are all anxiously awaiting their reunion in Avengers 4, the friendship between Evans and Downey is stronger than ever.

Chris Evans is scheduled to appear on Leno’s Garage on CNBC this week, and the car they are featuring was actually custom designed and given to Chris Evans by Robert Downey Jr.

Evans goes onto the show to learn how to stunt drive and do a burnout with his Camaro. First of all, we can’t wait to see Chris driving wildly in his car and doing stunts. The teasers we’ve seen look amazing… and his arms are looking just fine. So, naturally, the internet-thirst was real.

But, more than that, fans were freaking out about this custom car. On the steering wheel, a tiny version Cap’s shield is right in the middle. Also on the inside, there’s a plaque that names the Camaro as a special “Steve Rogers” edition.  In a video from Jay Leno’s Garage (down below), car expert Dave Salvaggio revealed the story behind the custom-made Captain America car.

"They [Chris and Robert] did the third Avengers movie that came out. Robert had it shipped to Atlanta where they were filming; he gave it to Chris as a gift on set. And it’s funny because Chris wasn’t really a car guy, per se… but like all boys, we dream of cars. When he saw, it he loved it."

Salvaggio went on to say how Robert picked out a lot of the customizations on the car, and praised him for having a good eye for color and design. Then, Leno had to praise Chris for being such a humble guy, despite his Hollywood fame. Of course, seeing these two show off their friendship this way really had Twitter in a frenzy.

Robert Downey Jr. himself has been a fun supporter of Steve and Tony’s ship, often posting on social media about it.

Earlier this year, Chris and Robert both got matching Avengers tattoos that five of the six original Avengers received. It’s clear that they have a close bond in real life that we. and many fans, can’t get over.

You can watch the whole clip with Jay Leno as Dave Salvaggio tells all about Chris Evans’ star-spangled-inspired car.

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Chris Evans’ episode of Jay Leno’s Garage airs Thursday, Aug. 30 at 10 p.m. EST on CNBC. What do you think of Chris’ car?