5 reasons Donna Troy deserves her own DC Universe show


Titans started streaming on Netflix, and we have some thoughts on which characters deserve their own spinoff series. Namely, Donna Troy (i.e. Wonder Girl).

While the first season of Titans primarily focused on Dick Grayson, the series might have primed us for some Titans-related spinoff series. After Hawk and Dove had two titular episodes, Alan Ritchson (Hawk/Hank) vaguely referenced a potential Hawk and Dove spinoff series on the DC Universe streaming platform. We’d love to see the DC Universe bolster its exclusive series lineup. However, we hope future spinoff development also focuses on Amazonian and Tamaranean narratives.

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you already know that I’m impatiently waiting for the DC Universe to announce a Starfire-centric series that features her family and details Tamaranean mythos. Therefore, it’s no surprise that I’m personally petitioning that Donna Troy deserves her own DC Universe show via a five-point article. There’s a lot to discuss regarding the Wonder-Family in general, and a Wonder Girl spinoff would only enrich the streaming service’s content.

Titans Ep. 108 — Photo Credit: John Medland / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

1. The show would highlight the power in her civilian life

Donna Troy isn’t just powerful because she wields a lasso, or because of her abilities, or because of her Wonder Girl label. As Titans showcased in her titular episode, Donna is equally a hero when she’s isn’t in a super suit.

While the hypothetical series could give us further insight into Wonder Girl’s personal evolution, it would, it would also give us context on how Donna Troy learned to wield her personal life as a weapon to take down poachers and crime syndicates without throwing a punch or shedding any blood.

2. It would be another show about family

DC Universe has a heavy theme of producing animated series, like Young Justice, and live-action shows, such as Titans and the impending Doom Patrol series. Though the content within the shows might not always be family-friendly, at the heart of every DC Universe exclusive series is a family, whether it’s a biological, constructed, or a culmination of the two.

Given Donna’s connection to her equally powerful sister, Diana Prince, the series would use Donna’s Amazon roots as a background device for her character development, using Themyscira’s mythology and subsequent antagonists to fuel any conflict.

Plus, her Amazonian family won’t conflict with her found-family with the Titans team.

3. It could focus on Donna before she retired her Wonder Girl moniker

This way, we can experience her character development through her perspective without Titans expanding on her evolution only in conversations and abridged flashbacks.

Given the overwhelming (and very much welcomed) family theme on the DC Universe, a series that elaborates on Donna’s life before she officially became donned the Wonder Girl title. Obviously, this would open up these series to explore Donna’s cynical curse that forces her to relive cyclical tragedies. Given the creative liberties on the platform, if they ever seriously considered a Wonder Girl solo series, they could change aspects of her origin story.

Titans — Ep. 108 — Photo Credit: Christos Kalohordis / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

4. Donna would empower young women

Beyond explicitly being a physically ferocious woman hero, Donna is a deeply empathetic hero. She doesn’t solely rely on her Lasso of Persuasion to fight crime or to subdue temporarily disoriented heroes. In fact, Donna doesn’t rely on any one thing for her heroic crusades.

She understands that explicitly combating villains isn’t the only way to be a hero, and instead, she uses her efforts to make the world a better place in the broadest of terms. Donna’s characterization subversively shows young women, and young people in general, that there isn’t exclusively one way to be valiant. There’s no blueprint to being a modelesque hero, and sometimes imperfections are key to being the perfect hero.

5. It would help bridge the gap from her sparse comic book cameos

Okay, Donna Troy has had several comic book cameos since the 1960s. However, DC Comics has a historical tendency to retcon Donna’s origin story. She’s had a handful of different origins, from being a virtual clone of her sister Diana Prince to being saved from a burning building by Diana and then growing up on Themyscira.

If DC Universe ever greenlights her series, they could always take a note from the post-multiverse destruction narrative and reconstruct Donna as a conglomeration of all the versions of herself. Then, the series would be able to take aspects of each of her stories to create a more definitive origin for her mythos.

Based on the first season of Titans and context from Conor Leslie’s supplementary DC Universe interviews, we already know that Diana is Donna’s sister and that Diana saved her from a fire when she was an infant. Beyond that, we don’t know much about her other than we to see her shine in her own series so we can learn more about her (and that we definitely want to see some Kory and Donna teams that parallel the comic panels).

After all, Donna deserves a thorough origin story, too.

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If we had it our way, we’d coerce the DC Universe to give all the Titans the spinoff shows they deserve. After all, there’s enough space on the platform to delve in the Donna, Korys, and Garfield’s origin stories outside of the Titans series and namesake team.