Titans midseason highlights: 6 scenes we’re already obsessed with


So far, Titans has introduced Hawk and Dove, the Doom Patrol, and Bruce’s expanding Bat-fam. We break down the most memorable moments from the season so far.

Over on DC Universe, the Titans are still learning their powers and attempting to survive perfectly-syncopated attacks, proving our favorite reimagined superheroes have come a long way in their short-televised journey. Not everyone is fortunate enough to watch the Titans assemble their team, seeing as the show still isn’t available yet to DC Universe subscribers outside of the US.

If you’ve recently subscribed to the platform or you’re someone who’s waiting for the series to debut on Netflix, you’ll probably notice that the show’s GIFs and clips took a jaunt from the colorful and often overly-joyful panels you grew up reading in the various Teen Titans-related comics.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot to highlight in the first half of the series, well beyond just Starfire’s glowing eyes. We’ve compiled some of the show’s highlights with some fiery puns (meta-pun intended) and mid-season recaps.

Titans Season 1, Episode 3. Photo Credit: DC Universe.

Flashbacks to young Dick Grayson

Even if you weren’t a rebellious kid, you were probably jealous of rebellious teens and characters on some level, whether it was for their free spirit or messy personality. Watching flashbacks of Dick’s childhood just reminds us of the reasons we love Robin and Nightwing as vigilantes.

Seeing kid Grayson steal one of his BatDad’s cars and leading multiple cops on a high-speed chase in episode three is a break from Grayson’s canonically stringent personality. The flashbacks to the death of Grayson’s biological parents in the first episode reopen old wounds for any fan of the character, but this vehicle-driven parallel between Dick and Kory (in the future scene where she borrows the same car) gives us a break from the darker tone in the show. Plus, it shows us how Grayson transformed from an archetypal rowdy fledging to the brooding detective her presently is in the series.

Titans Season 1, Episode 1. Photo Credit: DC Universe.

Starfire’s superpowered makeover

No, we aren’t just talking about Kory’s new purple jumpsuit in episode six (or the teaser shots of her upcoming look either). Starfire’s powers got a bit of a makeover in the series and they’re lit.

Kory’s powers have deviated a bit from those glistening emerald beams in the comics, and the series did away with their accompanying sound effects from the animated shows that could only accurately be described as “if glitter could talk.”

We first get a glimpse of her fiery reimagined superpowers while she defends herself from Konstantin Kovar and his men in the first episode. Given her amnesia from the earlier car crash, she didn’t know what exactly what would happen, seeing her powers — complete with her glowing eyes — in action was an iconic scene-stealer in the first episode alone. Naturally, Kory shutting down Kovar’s apparent feelings is a mood in itself and an honorable highlight in the series.

Titans Season 1, Episode 3. Photo Credit: DC Universe.

Starfire’s activism in her abilities

Speaking of Kory’s powers, can we take a moment to talk about how emotionally and physically powerful she is even when she doesn’t know who she is?

Beyond protecting herself against the men attempting to kill her in the first episode, she also actively fights abusers. In the diner scene in episode three, Kory attacks the men who were abusing the waitress and antagonizing the other staff. The fork-stabbing might seem a bit gruesome on its own, but Kory used her abilities to protect others.

Even before Kory started throwing punches, she sent Rachel to wait in the car — she’s the same confident do-gooder and canon, altruistic heart of the Titans team, despite having no recollection of her past or who she is.

Sure, she didn’t torch the abusive men in the diner scene, but we consider her strength, fighting techniques, and protective intuition as ammunition in her ability arsenal.

Titans Season 1, Episode 4. Photo Credit: DC Universe.

Doom Patrol’s prelude episode

DC Universe is well-aware that we’re eagerly waiting for the platform to expand its listings. With Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing on there way next year, episode four gave us a teaser of one of DC’s more charismatically strange found-families.

We didn’t know we needed Brendan Fraser’s Cliff Steele in our lives until we saw him as the Roboman himself. Beyond Gar’s snarky retorts, episode four also gave us Larry as the new, and well-deserved Salt Bae of the DC Universe, as well as insight into Garfield’s life before he joined the Titans.

Dick and Kory’s on-screen chemistry

DickKory might not be your favorite canon ship, but Kory and Dick’s chemistry is explosive. Their chemistry is evident from their sex scene in episode five, but beyond Dick denying that he wanted to have a post-coitus chat, Dick caught feelings since he first met Starfire in episode three.

In nearly every frame that features Dick and Kory, Dick is gazing at Kory. The dynamic duo also already act like a married couple. They cohesively explain to their adoptive kids, Garfield and Rachel, on why they traded in their compact car for a van. They bicker like a couple with history, and they even manage to joke about their unintentional homicidal tendencies.

Some of the best dialogues between Dick and Kory read as a rom-com, just with an impending demonic subplot on the horizon.

Titans Season 1, Episode 5. Photo Credit: DC Universe.

When the Titans’ finally kick butt together

Titans have been slowly building to the team’s official assembly, and their brief training exercise at the beginning episode five lead to their battle against the murderous cult family.

Even before they officially team up, the Titans have routinely protected each other, some even before they knew to trust one another. Starfire fights off Rachel’s kidnappers in episode three, and Garfield protects Rachel from Chief’s experiments in episode five.

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Naturally, we’re missing a few of the core characters from the comics, and it is clear that the Titans work better when they’re fighting together and protecting each other. We left out Dick’s reveal as Robin and Jason Todd’s iconic debut in the DC Universe as a defiant, cop-hating Robin in episode six because those are obvious focal points in the first half of this series.

Do you have a favorite scene in the DC Universe Titans series so far? Let us know in the comments below!