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A marriage proposal! A weird apology! John Grey! With only three episodes left this season, Outlander is throwing a lot at the wall in “If Not For Hope.”

It looks like Outlander will just keep digging itself into a hole in this week’s “If Not For Hope.” Per the episode promo, Claire will apologize to Jamie for not telling him Stephen Bonnet was the one who assaulted Bree. This is baffling for a few reasons, namely, 1) that wasn’t Claire’s secret to tell and 2) if anyone should be apologizing, it should be Jamie — to everyone. Claire didn’t make a fool of herself in last week’s “The Deep Heart’s Core,” but her husband sure did.

Why is the show doubling down on making Jamie terrible when it could just let him be his usual, wonderful self?

Here’s the description for “If Not For Hope,” courtesy of Starz:

"Jamie, Claire and Young Ian embark on a long and uncertain journey to rescue Roger but while Jamie and Claire are united in their mission, they’re miles apart emotionally. Meanwhile, Brianna struggles to keep hope alive as she waits for her parents to return and as Jocasta plots to secure her a husband. In Wilmington, Murtagh seeks Fergus’ help with a dangerous task."

Oh, yes: Outlander will deal with more than just Claire and Jamie’s issues this week. Pregnant Brianna, who is staying at Jocasta’s slave plantation, catches the eye of a certain Mr. Forbes and receives a marriage proposal. She’s already married (and, to reiterate, pregnant) but apparently that’s not an issue for either Jocasta or Forbes.

Even though Bree vowed to get Roger back, she might be considering taking Forbes up on his offer. Or, at least, that’s what John Grey’s ominous “Sometimes people do the wrong thing for the right reasons” suggests.

Oh, and Murtagh will find Bonnet in this installment, too! The fact that this is revealed in the teaser tells me Murtagh probably won’t be delivering Bonnet to Jamie anytime soon. Jamie’s vengeance plot is infuriating enough on its own, but it will be downright unforgivable if it puts Murtagh in any danger.

Check out the promo for “If Not For Hope”:

And here’s how to watch Outlander live tonight:

"Date: Sunday, Jan. 13Start Time: 8 p.m. ETEpisode: “If Not For Hope”TV Channel: StarzLive Stream: You can watch on the Starz website or app."

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