10 biggest TV returns of 2019 you need to watch out for

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Stranger Things

Everyone’s favorite 1980s-nostalgia fueled horror series is coming back this summer, complete with new cast members, teenage romantic angst, and more inter-dimensional monsters. The third outing of Netflix’s horror series Stranger Things will take place in the summer of 1985, which means that Back to the Future references are now officially fair game. (And given that this show lives for pop culture references, it’ll be shocking if at least one episode isn’t somehow set around the boys’ trip to see the film.)

As far as story goes, we don’t actually know a lot about what to expect from season 3’s plot. According to early reports, there’s a new community pool and a brand new mall, both of which appear to as though they will be a hotbed of activity for dark forces. The Netflix teasers are promoting the new Starcourt Mall as a central location, much the way the arcade was last season. Apparently Steve even has a job there, so we can probably expect to spend almost as much time hanging out at the mall this season, much as we all did when we were Will and Dustin’s age.

Multiple relationships also look set to complicate things for our main characters, since several of them (Mike and Eleven, Lucas and Max) appeared to couple up at the school dance at the end of season 2. How will these potential romances affect their friendships, and how will their relationships with one another change?

These are all compelling questions before we even get to the biggest mysteries of the season – how will the Upside Down factor into all of this? Could we see the Mind Flayer again? Or should we expect new and equally terrifying monsters in season 3? Will we ever find out why Eleven gets a nose bleed every time she uses her powers? Stay tuned.