10 biggest TV returns of 2019 you need to watch out for

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Star Trek: Discovery

The latest Star Trek series returns for its second season in 2019 and, if we’re honest, it’s probably not going to look a lot like its first. After the dramatic events of the season 1 finale, the crew of the Discovery have lost their original captain (who turned out to be evil and from another dimension), brought back an alternate dimension version of Captain Georgiou, and run into the iconic Enterprise, along with her captain, Christopher Pike. That’s…a lot of change.

But that kind of seems to be the goal. By all early reports, it sounds as though Discovery is undergoing something of a soft reboot in season 2, planning to focus more on optimistic adventure and the series’ connections to the existing franchise rather than the gritty, war-torn stories that comprised season 1. While some viewers (read: yours truly) found the addition of Captain Lorca – a selfish, self-serving manipulator – intriguing, most were apparently not huge fans of this shift from series tradition. So we can probably expect Captain Pike, who’ll be taking over command of the Discovery for a bit, to have a more familiar, standard Star Trek captain feel. Discovery will also officially introduce the classic original series character Spock to the show, so expect some familial drama to occur with his half-sister Michael Burnham.

To be fair, this all actually sounds pretty exciting, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s still very different from what’s come before. However, there should still be some story beats to tie the two seasons together, including the growing friendship between Burnham and Saru, the continued awesomeness of Tilly in general, and Stamets’ continued grief over the death of his husband last season. But where else will this new voyage take us?