10 biggest TV returns of 2019 you need to watch out for

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Everyone’s favorite teenage witch is returning this spring! Season 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina kind of feels like it should just be the back half of the first season that aired last fall, but honestly, if this shortened numbering system works for Netflix, it’s fine with us. (As long as it keeps churning out more oddly abbreviated seasons to watch, which it is.)

When we last left Sabrina Spellman and friends, the titular teen witch had just signed her name to the Dark Lord’s Book of the Beast and committed herself officially to the Path of Night. (This was largely due to the fact that her favorite teacher and confidant is actually Lilith herself – now going by the name of Madame Satan – masquerading in a human body and manipulating Sabrina for her own ends.)

Despite this momentous development, in the series’ recent Christmas special, Sabrina didn’t seem too changed by her experiences, aside from her new shock-white hairdo. One has to assume that Chilling Adventures is saving its more serious developments and revelations on this front for season 2, when more time could be devoted to them. Here’s hoping at least.

Not only do we need to find out more about how, exactly, completing her Dark Baptism changes Sabrina’s life, there’s also the ongoing question of how her witch status will impact her relationships with her mortal friends. As of “A Midwinter’s Tale,” Sabrina and Harvey’s love story has definitely hit a rough patch, but her friendships with Roz and Susie seem totally fine. Will that continue? Or will she be drawn even further into the world of the Academy of the Unseen Arts? And, more importantly, will Sabrina figure out that Mary Wardwell isn’t who she appears to be? That she has her own agenda? Here’s hoping – because that’s one confrontation we can’t wait to see.

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