Young Justice: Outsiders episodes 4-6: How to watch online


We were more than just whelmed about the Young Justice: Outsiders season premiere last week, and we’re most than ready to binge on episodes 4, 5, and 6.

Last week, we saw parts of the intergalactic team dissemble into a crude representation of the Outsiders team. As the first three episodes set up one of the bigger threats of this season (the meta-human trafficking syndicate), we also saw episode three introduce a couple of new heroes, such as Halo-Girl and Geo-Force. Now that the Outsiders believe Markovia is the meta-human trafficking epicenter, the next three episodes will focus on more conflict.

The recently updated DC Universe exclusive, Young Justice: Outsiders prelude comic gave us some additional context in why Conner and M’gann initially broke up (and how they later amended their relationship). While this prelude might not immediately play into episode 4, “Private Security,” episode 5, “Away Mission,” or episode 6, “Rescue Op,” this Friday’s episodes will hopefully show more intel about the trafficking syndicate, even if the team might be strung along an unforeseeable diversion or two.

According to Batman News, the synopsis of episodes 4-6 will unravel some new development:

Episode 4, “Private Security,” will focus on humanitarian efforts from the team:

"While Jefferson, Conner and Artemis find homes for their Markovian strays, Dick assembles a new squad and hits the road – but may not survive the trip."

Episode 5, “Away Mission,” will lead the heroes other country or another planet; however, it could easily be a way for the syndicate to misdirect the team:

"A distant conflict sends the team on an away mission, while the Happy Harbor gang decides what to do with Brion Markov and Halo (ZEHRA FAZAL)."

Then, episode 6, “Rescue Op,” will focus on a rescue mission to save Brion’s sister, who was kidnapped into the meta-human trafficking circuit off-screen:

"Brion Markov is determined to rescue his missing sister – even if it means throwing down against the entire League of Shadows."

The ending of episode three likely still led to the exile of meta-humans in Markovia, even if Baron DeLamb had framed meta-humans as the wrongly accused scapegoats of the country. While episode 4 will focus on finding living situations for these displaced Markovian meta-humans and Qurac meta-human refugees, these next three episodes could also serve as a way to distract the Outsiders from the nefarious syndicate’s real operations.

Here’s how you can watch the next episode of DC Universe’s Young Justice: Outsiders online:

"Date: Friday, Jan. 11Release Time: 8 a.m. ETEpisodes: “Private Security,” “Away Mission,” and “Rescue Op”Streaming Platform: DC UniverseLive Stream: To watch this week’s episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders, subscribe to DC Universe."

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Currently, the DC Universe Young Justice: Outsiders series is only available to U.S. subscribers, with new episodes airing every Friday. Come back to Culturess after you watch each episode for reviews and more!