Young Justice: Outsiders preview: New comic could hint at a return of a villain


The first three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders introduced a new hero, Halo-Girl, and the new threat of meta-human trafficking. Now that DC Universe added the Young Justice: Outsiders prelude comic exclusively to its streaming platform directory, we might see the revival of an old villain in this new season.

Based on the first three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders, it appears as though Count Vertigo is behind the growing meta-human trafficking syndicate. Though Vertigo could be the apparent front man behind the operation that kidnaps and controls people with the meta-human gene, we aren’t exactly buying into the idea that Vertigo is the real leader of the syndicate — or at least not the only villain making ordering the captures on various meta-humans. Given our perpetual trust issues with comics-related media, the DC Universe exclusive Young Justice: Outsiders prelude comic could give us a vague hint on a major antagonist would be manipulating the trafficking syndicate.

In the two issues of the prelude comic, Psimon conveniently uses a film festival to lure M’gann to see Sandra Stanyon. After all, M’gann wouldn’t give up the opportunity to ask Sandra about one of her favorite shows, Hello, Megan!

Amid Sandra’s panel, Psimon manages to blast Garfield, M’gann, Conner, and Sandra before manipulating M’gann’s mind so that the heroes are trapped inside M’gann’s mind. Granted, her subconsciousness sets everyone in specific roles within an episode from Hello, Megan!; however, the prelude comics could hint that Psimon could have a cameo at some point in the third season of Young Justice.

After all, Psimon could be moonlighting as the real organizer of the meta-human trafficking syndicate. He could have finagled his way into an alliance with Count Vertigo, or he could’ve more easily used his mind manipulation abilities to control Vertigo’s mind. Instead of being of the face of the syndicate or being visible in any context (at least not yet), Psimon might just be using Vertigo as a puppet to run his operation for him.

Given the five-year-long gap between seasons 2 and 3 of Young Justice, Psimon could just be used as a convenient antagonist to help bridge the gap and recap what we’ve missed in our favorite young heroes’ lives. With the other foes the superheroes have fought, we’re still skeptical that we won’t see Psimon again.

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Theories aside, the prelude does give us another look at Conner and M’gann’s reconciliation after their initial breakup. Now, we really can’t wait for the Martian and the Kryptonian’s wedding.