Daredevil stars are joining their fans in trying to #SaveDaredevil


Fans of Daredevil are not the only ones trying to save the show, as even the stars are joining forces to find a new home for Matt Murdock’s hero.

Netflix announced it was canceling Daredevil last month, the series that kicked off the MCU TV on the streaming service, fans have rallied together in order to try to save the show. An entire grassroots campaign has been built around #SaveDaredevil, which includes a petition to bring the show back, a Twitter account to boost their voices, and even a dedicated website.

But, what might be the biggest boost to the #SaveDaredevil campaign stems from some of the show’s stars. Thanks to WinterIsComing.net, we know that both Vincent D’Onofrio and Amy Rutberg have added their voices to the efforts to bring the show back.

D’Onofrio has been a part of Daredevil since the first season as Wilson Fisk (AKA Kingpin) the main antagonist of Matt Murdock’s hero. And Rutberg plays Marci, Foggy’s girlfriend in the series.

Together, these two have lent their voices to the fans, all with the hope that perhaps Daredevil will be rescued from the cancelation pile. And considering how much of a favorite this series seems to be (they do have an entire Twitter page dedicated to bringing them back), and how well received the third season (which began streaming right before Netflix gave the show the axe) has been, we completely understand why fans are fighting to bring back Matt Murdock and the gang.

While there had been some speculation that the reason the MCU shows on Netflix have been getting canceled is due to Disney starting their own streaming service, that does not mean that Daredevil, Iron Fist, or Luke Cage (the latter of which were canceled after their new seasons began streaming as well) will be revived on that platform. Instead, the new Disney service has seemed focused on bringing new shows about fan-favorite MCU characters to audiences, with plans for projects revolving around Loki and Scarlet Witch, among others.

However, while Disney and Netflix might not see a future for Daredevil, the same cannot be said for the fans. In fact, their approach to convincing the powers that be that the show deserves another season is multi-pronged, according to SyFy Wire. Beyond their petitions and hashtag campaign, fans are even being encouraged to send letters directly to Marvel and Disney to convince them to save the show.

But that’s not all. There is even #OperationNapkins. In an additional movement to show the power of the show, fans are being asked to “send napkins with ‘Nelson, Murdock and Page’ written on them to Marvel HQ in NY.”

While it does not seem likely that Netflix will have a change of heart and decide to bring Daredevil back, that is not to say that Marvel and Disney might not find another home for the show. And as fans, we have to hope that seeing how passionate people are about the series, while also getting support from some of the show’s stars proves to be enough of a boost to get Daredevil another chance at life.

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At this point, fingers crossed that Vincent D’Onofrio and Amy Rutberg’s support gives the campaign the boost it needs to show Marvel and Disney that Daredevil needs another season (at least).