How a Loki and Scarlet Witch show could go despite Infinity War’s ending


With a possible Loki and Scarlet Witch show in development, one might wonder how that’s possible after Infinity War. Well, nothing is too impossible for Marvel.

The Disney streaming service really upped its game this week, with Variety reporting that Loki and Scarlet Witch limited series could make its way to screens. While all people in the Loki and Scarlet Witch fandoms are surely rejoicing (as I can attest), there’s a bit of a “hold on” moment when you realize something’s off about that news… Loki and Scarlet Witch both died in Infinity War.

Even though one was terribly killed by Thanos, and the other was simply snapped away, that doesn’t mean these two can’t get a show anyway. There’s still plenty of time before these shows even hit the unreleased streaming service, so Marvel Studios has plenty of time to sweep up their storylines before then. Here’s how things could work out for the two.

Avengers 4 brings them both back to life

The fans have spoken, and it’s clear that Loki is still in demand. Yes, we saw him “die” in Infinity War, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that was the end for the trickster god. While it may have been the Russo’s plans to keep him dead all along, there’s no hiding the fact that fans were understandably angry when he was killed off.

Given Kevin Feige has explained some characters come back due to fans’ demands, Loki might just live to see another day. This is especially true now that Avengers 4 reshoots are underway. The ending apparently isn’t even set in stone yet, so anything’s possible at this point.

The answer for Scarlet Witch is a lot more simple, luckily. It’s easy to see that those who fell victim to Thanos’ snap will have to come back some way, somehow. You can’t ignore the fact that Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and the Guardians are all due for sequels. So they’ll be fine!

The shows will take place in the past

If Avengers 4 doesn’t end up being so kind to Loki (Scarlet Witch will likely be safe either way), these shows might actually take place in the past. And that wouldn’t be a bad idea, given that fans would love to know more about these characters’ backstories.

Loki’s would be a great way to expand upon the comics and see what he’s been up to when Thor isn’t around. Honestly, Loki having any adventure and getting more screen time would be good enough. And we’re sure fans would enjoy it, too.

Scarlet Witch’s backstory, on the other hand, could go a few different ways. They could either start with her backstory and build up to her becoming controlled by HYDRA. Or they could explore whatever happened to her while under HYDRA’s control.

Either story could work for her, but it’d be exceptionally amazing if they could hint at her actually being a mutant. Then, Marvel could slowly work the X-Men into the MCU. Plus, that’d be an excellent way for them to bring back Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver.

Loki’s show can take place in the past, and Scarlet Witch’s in the future

The other possibility in all this is that the two mini-series could take place at completely separate times. This would allow them to keep Loki dead (sadly), and ensure Scarlet Witch continues her adventures after coming back in Avengers 4.

It might not please fans to know that Marvel would keep Loki dead if his series takes place in the past, but it’s still more Loki content to be thankful for. As for Scarlet Witch, it seems like her outcome will be good news all around — unless Vision doesn’t come back in Avengers 4, and she’s left to defend the world without the love of her life.

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