10 best Batman portrayals in film

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4. Kevin Conroy

Since the early 1990s, Kevin Conroy has been the voice of many an animated Batman. From TV series to animated movies to even video games, when many of us think of the Caped Crusader, it is Conroy’s voice that pops into our head.

Of course, he has a great archenemy to work with, seeing as Mark Hamill is the voice of his Joker. Honestly, there is a true sense of Conroy being the real Batman out of all the people who have portrayed the character. His voice is so distinct that sometimes when you listen to some of the live action portrayals it can take a while to adjust our perception of who our hero really is.

3. Adam West

Adam West gave us the campiest Batman ever seen on-screen, and we loved every second of it. From the comic book pops of color, to the word bubbles that would appear on-screen, West’s Batman was never really one we took too seriously.

At the same time, West was still able to give us a Bruce Wayne who was a serious businessman with a sense of dignity and pizzazz. In fact, even with all of the camp of the movie and TV series, the actor still took his role as Batman seriously — and it showed.

For some, this may seem like nostalgia talking when it comes to this ranking. However, the actor was and is an icon. He deserves recognition for helping bring the comic book to life for a large audience.