10 best Batman portrayals in film

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6. Will Arnett

Remember when we mentioned animated Batman movies? Here’s our first ranking coming from that category. Will Arnett voiced the Caped Crusader in The LEGO Batman Movie (as well as The LEGO Movie). For some, the movie’s pure perfection because of the story’s endless imaginative twists and turns.

And thanks to Arnett, we get to hear a Batman who’s clearly a little too serious for his own good, but doesn’t actually take himself too seriously. Voice actors never seem to get enough credit for the work they do. Unlike live-action films, they only have their voices to get feelings across, and while there may be an animation to look at, it’s never quite the same as seeing a human face.

Will Arnett seems to be self-aware as Batman, and that is what makes him an excellent Caped Crusader. And the fact that he’s able to do it as a LEGO makes it that much more impressive.

5. Ben Affleck

Since it was announced that Ben Affleck would be donning the cape, there have been those who have criticized the casting decision. However, for all of the flaws of the DCEU, there is one thing we have to admit: Affleck has truly given his all for the role.

Not only did he give us a believably tired and jaded Caped Crusader, but even his Bruce Wayne seems to have seen too much over the years. And considering all of the losses he has had and the villains he has faced, we would be surprised if Batman wasn’t tired, jaded, and feeling old. After all, of all the members of the Justice League, he is the one without any legitimate powers and abilities. He is a human with gadgets and an ability to fight. After everything he has been through, it is impossible for him to be some vibrant and bubbly hero.

Thanks to Affleck, we’ve seen what Batman and Bruce Wayne are like as they get older and have to deal with losing people and battles. And we have to give Affleck credit for that.