10 best Batman portrayals in film

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Batman has been thrilling us in the comics, on TV, and in movies for many years. This means that there have been a number of portrayals, but who’s best?

There have been plenty of actors who have either portrayed or voiced Batman in the movies and on TV. And when it comes to ranking the different Caped Crusaders, it can be hard to choose the best of the best.

However, from the iconic and nostalgic, to the actors who have embodied what it means to be the Dark Knight, there are some actors who simply have to top any list of amazing Batman portrayals.

And considering Zack Snyder recently said that for him, Ben Affleck is the “perfect Batman,” it made us think about all of the actors who have come before. While we certainly think Affleck’s version of the Caped Crusader is good, and maybe doesn’t get the credit it deserves, there have definitely been other actors who have stepped into the role and made it their own as well.

In ranking the different Batman portrayals, we looked at not just big screen movies, but also TV movies and even animated versions of the character. If it was a movie, we looked at the Caped Crusader and judged him.