10 best Batman portrayals in film

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10. Lewis Wilson (The first ever Batman)

Lewis Wilson was the first ever actor to portray Batman on the big screen in 1943, which is why he has to make our list (even if it is in the final spot). He introduced a larger audience to the Caped Crusader, and for that he is iconic in many ways.

Honestly, looking at Wilson as either Bruce Wayne or Batman makes you think of the original comics. One could almost see the original comic artists looking at the actor and using him as their inspiration. And when we watch even the smallest clips and footage, we can see an actor who brought his all to this iconic character.

9. Robert Lowery

Robert Lowery followed Wilson as the second live action Batman. And while Wilson gets a lot of credit for helping bring the Caped Crusader to the big screen, there was something special about Lowery’s portrayal. It was like he took what Wilson did and the comics, then made them his own, which is exactly what we want out of our Batman.

Looking at Lowery’s resume of movies and portrayals, it is clear that this is a man who can take on any role and give it life. As Batman, the actor had fun, while also giving the character the serious edge we expect. We believed him as Bruce Wayne, and we believed him as our hero.