Are 2019 trending travel destinations influenced by celebrities?


Trending travel destinations can be a debated topic. As people scroll through amazing photographs, could those celebrity snaps influence your next trip?

In 2019, the trending travel destinations tend to look like a summary of some of the biggest Instagram accounts. From that epic beach vacation to the next great adventure, people are looking to social media, specifically celebrities’ social media, to plan that vacation. The days of just gawking and dreams are gone. Today, people are scrolling and booking.

Going into a new year, many companies compile lists of the top 2019 travel destinations. From solo travel to group travel to even social activism travel, today’s vacations are more than just a day at the beach. With people having more disposable income and the cost of traveling going down, travelers are wanting and expecting more.

From scrolling through some of the biggest social media accounts, it seems like people are looking to go someplace new, different and exciting. Who doesn’t want to be the person to discover that picture perfect moment, to be on the cusp of the hottest restaurant or to be the person that everyone is talking about? For 2019, it appears that people are looking to push the travel boundaries.

As people virtually connect more, the travel boundaries seem to dissipate. Locales once believed out of reach look too stunning to ignore. Just look at Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding. Those impressive visuals sparked a surge in potential Indian vacations. Who wouldn’t want to capture her own moment of glory at that impressive palace?

What could be some of the big 2019 trending travel destinations? Here are a few predictions.

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New Zealand

While Australia often tops people travel bucket list, New Zealand is home to a wide variety of adventures. The warm, hospitality Kiwis can be a great tour guide. The area offers both adventurous activities and more laid back experiences. The wildlife is quite impressive, with whales and seals basking off the shore. For foodies, the wine country is definitely worth exploring. And, don’t forget that the Lord of the Rings was filmed here.

United Kingdom

If you haven’t heard, a royal baby will be born in 2019. With all the anticipation over another royal, the United Kingdom could be a great place to visit. Beyond visiting London, consider a few side trips around the entire area. From looking at historic castles to visiting Scotland’s picturesque countryside, this destination is both beautiful and educational.

Calabria, Italy, photo provided by Airbnb

Calabria, Italy

Although Lake Como tends to draw big celebrities, Calabria is an often overlooked part of Italy. At the toe of the boot, this area is very rustic but beautiful. This area is working on employing sustainable tourism to make the area thrive. Plus, for foodies, it has some of the best truffles in Italy.

Orlando, Florida

Known as the theme park capital of the world, everyone will be flocking to Orlando for two huge theme park openings. Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge opens in the fall of 2019 (to potentially overwhelming crowds). And Universal Orlando is working toward the opening of the new Harry Potter-themed ride. With these openings and all the SpaceX launches from Cape Canaveral, the area has become a hot destination.

Andalusia, Spain

The stunning architecture is one of the first features that captivates visitors. Home to Granada’s Alhambra Palace and Córdoba’s Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral, this area is a favorite with both history and art fans. Plus, if you’re a Star Wars fan, a scene in Attack of the Clones was actually filmed at the Plaza de España in Seville that you’ll definitely want to check out. This area offers an old-school appreciation for the grandeur and beauty of Spain.

Taiwan, photo provided by Airbnb


While the popularity of Crazy Rich Asians has sparked an interest in travel to Singapore, Taiwan also offers an adventurous travel choice. The nighttime markets in Taipei draw huge crowds. Also, the southeastern coastal cities are popular with treasure hunters.


Probably one of the most unlikely travel destinations, Uzbekistan is seeing a surge in tourism. While the 300 days of sunshine a year is enticing, the country has invested a lot of funding into tourism. The area is home to a UNESCO’s World Heritage site and stunning architecture. If you are looking for adventure, this destination could be a good fit.

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Have you made travel plans for 2019? Are any of these trending travel destinations on your potential list? Let us know in the comments!