4 girls’ trips you can take inspired by 2018’s biggest summer blockbusters


Looking for inspiration for your next girls’ trip? Why not let your favorite girls’ movie inspire that next travel destination.

A girls’ trip can be the perfect vacation getaway. While some people may answer the call of Sin City or seek the sun of Miami Beach, those locales aren’t the only places girlfriends can visit. Sometimes a favorite movie among friends can inspire that next weekend getaway or huge vacation.

Planning a vacation with a group of girlfriends can go beyond that all-inclusive beach getaway. Sure spring break was fun, but do you really remember the trip beyond sunburns and cervezas? With a little more trip inspiration, that next getaway can be a little more memorable.

Often, movies resonate deeply with their fans. From favorite superheroes to endearing characters, movie fans want to experience those favorite screen moments. Transforming a favorite summer movie into the next big vacation is the perfect solution.

Based on a few popular summer movies, here are some suggestions for your next girls’ trip.

Ant-Man and The Wasp – San Francisco

While not necessarily the most obvious girls’ movie, Ant-Man and The Wasp (for the first time in the MCU) features a female superhero in the title. That fact definitely makes it a girls’ movie. With that thought in mind, why not grab some girlfriends and head to San Francisco?

The city by the Bay is an amazing place to explore. From views of the Golden Gate Bridge to Fisherman’s Wharf, there are so many places to discover. San Francisco is filled with culture, dining, and history. Whether you want an exciting adventure or a more leisurely diversion, this California city offers it all. Just be sure to look out for Ant-Man in his giant form. You’ll want to have your cameras out for that.

Crazy Rich Asians – Singapore

With the soon to be released new movie, Crazy Rich Asians, having great buzz, why not consider an extravagant trip to Singapore? Of course, this vacation would need some crazy rich bank accounts. Between flights and hotels, this trip isn’t a weekend getaway. Still, Singapore could be a fabulous option.

While not all the movie locations are in Singapore, many of iconic shots are featured. From the Gardens by the Bay to CHIJMES, these visually stunning backdrops are quite impressive. Probably the most well-known location is the Marina Bay Sands, which is instantly recognizable. Although the pool is not open to the public, everyone can visit the MBS SkyPark. The views from this location are definitely breathtaking and don’t require you to be a crazy rich like the Young family to afford it.

Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again – Greece

While your girlfriends might not break into song at the drop of a hat, Greece and its pristine blue waters could be the life-changing vacation of your dreams. Mamma Mia 2 highlights the photogenic Greek Islands. While Kalokairi is a fictional Greek island, the real island of Skopelos is a beautiful spot on the Aegean Sea.

Traveling to Skopelos is a little difficult because there is no airport on the island. Still, the trip via boat or ferry showcases the beautiful blue waters and pristine white villas. Don’t forget to visit Kastani Beach, which was featured in many movie scenes.

Ocean’s 8 – New York City

While no one recommends that a girls’ trip turn into a jewelry heist like in Ocean’s 8, New York City can be the perfect girls’ getaway. Granted, only a select few are lucky enough to gain entry to the annual MET Ball, but the famed Metropolitan Museum of Art is always opened to tourists. In addition to the famed museum, other major New York City landmarks were featured in the film. From JFK to Christie’s auction house, there are many recognizable landmarks in the film.

Instead of stealing some infamous jewels, why not browse some sparkly jewelry at some famous New York City stores? While not featured in the movie, window shopping down Fifth Avenue can have any girl dreaming of gorgeous babbles. Just don’t get sticky fingers, or it might end badly.

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Have you been on a girls’ trip based on a favorite girls’ movie? Where’s your favorite location to take a vacation getaway with your friends?