New Marvel Land details revealed, California Adventure’s ‘recruitment begins’

Although 2020 is far away, new Marvel Land details are emerging. Will you be eagerly anticipating a trip to Disney’s California Adventure?

Marvel Land at Disney’s California Adventure looks to be a huge undertaking for the theme park giant. While many fans are counting the days to the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge reveal, this superhero-themed addition looks to have just as many immersive theme park attractions. Even though details are sparse, the Marvel/Disney picture seems to be getting clearer.

First, the Marvel addition at California Adventure is believed to roll out in two phases. The first phase, set to open in 2020, could incorporate several existing structures on the Disneyland properties. Now that A Bug’s Land area has been closed, the “Stark Industries” fencing (seen in the article here) blocking the entrance is a sign that pixie dust is starting to scatter.

Combining theme park speculation and the official Disney Marvel Land artist rendering, a few items are very clear. First, Spider-Man will be a predominant figure in this new theme park area. The belief is that Spider-Man will have his own theme park ride. Most likely, this ride will be a similar experience to Toy Story Mania.

Theme park enthusiasts believe that this Spider-Man-themed ride will have guests shooting spiderwebs throughout the 3D simulated ride. Since the new ride is said to be housed in an existing theater, this theory is likely to be true.

SUPER HERO-THEMED LAND COMING TO DISNEYLAND RESORT IN 2020 (ANAHEIM, Calif.) – A new Super Hero-themed land will begin recruiting guests in 2020 at Disneyland Resort, with even more new experiences to follow. The Guardians of the Galaxy will be joined by Spider-Man and the Avengers in what will become a completely immersive Super Hero universe at Disney California Adventure park. This new land will be anchored by the popular attraction, Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!. (Disney/Marvel)

An idea of a 3D shooting style/interactive ride is popular in theme parks today. These types of rides are very inclusive, which is always a huge draw. All ages, sizes, and thrill-seekers are willing to step into the queue.

Also, these type of immersive/interactive rides bring guests back time and again. Guests are always looking to beat their high score or find an exclusive ride trick or Easter egg.

Moving beyond the anticipated Spider-Man ride, Doctor Strange is also featured in the Disneyland concept art. It is believed that a Doctor Strange-themed experience will be included in this theme park land. Currently, on Disney Cruises, a Doctor Strange sorcerer-training show is popular with guests.

Truthfully, it is a little curious that this type of experience will be added. Recently, Disney took away the Jedi training programs (similar to the Doctor Strange show) at its Hollywood Studios theme park ahead of the Galaxy’s Edge expansion. These type of experiences, while a big favorite with younger guests, can be problematic. It takes up a decent amount of space, yet it doesn’t include to a wide audience.

As seen in the concept art, one aspect of this theme park area is already in existence. Previously, Disney rebranded the Tower of Terror into Guardians of the Galaxy: MISSION BREAKOUT. It is believed that this attraction will be at the end of the Marvel-themed area. By building in front of this ride, the superhero theme is more inclusive and offers a more balanced experience.

While no date for phase two has been announced, the belief is that an Avengers-themed roller coaster will be added. The poster art shows the Avengers’ quinjet. While this attraction wouldn’t take flight, it could be an adaption of the Millennium Falcon ride coming to Galaxy’s Edge. That ride is set to blend a huge, realistic structure balanced by an indoor, interactive ride. The space available for this Avengers ride is substantial, but no one truly knows what could be built.

A couple of items from the concept art haven’t been addressed. First, no one has talked about Black Panther. That character is prominent in the promo image, so could some type of Wakandan ride be included in the park? Given the extreme popularity of this franchise, Disney would be remiss to not make it a feature.

Also, it is curious that Iron Man or other original Avengers are not mentioned. Given the “Stark” branding on the Disney fence, it seems unusual that these characters are missing. At Disneyland Paris, though, Iron Man is a featured character.

While the California Adventure Marvel Land expansion will surely be a big hit, don’t expect these experiences to arrive in Orlando, Flordia. Although the Guardians of the Galaxy indoor roller coaster is under construction at Epcot, most Marvel characters aren’t represented in the Orlando theme parks. Due to contractual restraints with Universal, the only Spider-Man ride in Orlando will remain at Universal Studios.

Which Marvel character should Disney add to this new Marvel Land at California Adventure? Is there a big story or character vacancy that they need to fill?