4 witchy fan theories about the Coven in American Horror Story: Apocalypse


The witches from Coven are back, and fans have plenty of theories about what is in store for them on American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

Oh, American Horror Story, how you vex us. This show isn’t always great at being clear, and sometimes plot points and storylines are a bit confusing. Even when the show tries to unravel mysteries, the logic isn’t always the most sound. This season has been one of the most unclear so far, and there doesn’t seem to be much grounding viewers either visually or story-wise.

We finally saw witches from Coven in this last episode, when in the last few minutes, Cordelia Foxx, Myrtle Snow and Madison Montgomery showed up at Outpost Three. This is great, but the scene was kind of confusing. The three witches resurrected the recently killed Mallory, Coco, and Dinah, who we suppose are witches, too?

Madison does deliver her famous line from Coven. Speaking to Mallory, she says “Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me” right before the episode ends.

While this leaves people with plenty of questions, fans, of course, have theories about what is going on. Here are a few of those theories.

1. The witches Dinah, Mallory, and Coco are not who we think.

Some fans think that the souls of other Coven witches could have been resurrected into their bodies. This could line-up with what Mallory says earlier in the episode about feeling like she has someone else “trapped” in her. This could also explain Madison’s “surprise” line. She said the same thing to Jessica Lange’s character in season 3.

2. Mallory could be the next supreme.

Mallory removes her glasses at the end of the episode, which could mean she is emerging as the next Supreme. The Supreme has perfect health, so maybe she is coming into her powers. This could also be why she was able to go head to head with the antichrist earlier in the episode.

This would men thought that Cordelia’s powers are waning, which we don’t know yet if that is true or not.

3. Actually, there are a lot of Mallory theories.

Some fans are also guessing that Mallory is an angel or something more powerful than a witch. This could line-up with the good vs. evil themes of this season and give Langdon a counterpart to fight against.

Another Mallory theory is that this season is going to tie-in another Ryan Murphy show, Scream Queens. Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd starred together in this show, so maybe the characters know each other from that?

4. The Coven is actually the Cooperative.

We don’t really know yet what or who the mysterious Cooperative is. But, it makes sense that they would show up to put things back together at Outpost Three. The three witches are also in perfect health which makes us think they’ve stayed safe somewhere, like the Sanctuary.

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We hope that some of the questions about the witches are answered in next week’s episode, but it is far more likely the season’s mysteries will unravel slowly.